Thursday, 15 September 2011

Conversion Rates

5 Steps To Killer Conversion Rates


1. Boost Your Credibility

The higher your credibility the higher your response rates will be and the lower the resistance will be when you make live contact with prospects. In fact in many cases you will find that your positioning will create a long line of prospects eager and ready to do business with you, no questions asked. How to do it? Begin using press releases and submitting them to PRWeb and PRNewswire, build your LinkedIn profile, have a book ghostwritten and use video testimonials.

2. Streamline Your Business Processes

The less hoops your prospects have to jump through the higher your conversion rates will be. Using virtual assistants you can make sure every incoming call is answered by a live agent 24/7. Go further and use separate numbers on your individual advertising channels so prospects reach the team member who is most qualified to help them, and empower your employees to make decisions.

3. The A Or B Close

There should never be a question of acquiring your product or service or not. It should just be a matter of which option or how much. Make this more powerful by offering a simple choice between the ultra expensive full package or the free choice which helps push them further along your funnel.

4. Interactivity

This doesn’t mean being able to just click to watch videos or listen to podcasts. Every marketing avenue ought to enable your prospects to connect with you instantly. Calling or emailing a company when you expect to receive a sales pitch isn’t that attractive. So what about having your Twitter or Facebook accounts managed in real time so that prospects can get answers instantly through a much friendlier medium?

5. Never Stop Testing

Even if you have perfected your marketing campaigns and sales pitches for now trends are constantly changing. Never stop testing to stay ahead of the curve and always seeing the highest possible conversion rates. Hate pouring over your web analytics? Outsource it to someone else.